Saturday, January 30, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

In some ways the BPS project is rather like having a garden — continual tending is required, but the resulting blooms are a rich reward. To keep up with the growth, I've now got a lovely group of BPS volunteer members (assistant gardeners, if you will) who are helping out tremendously by generously sending extra postcards when needed — thanks so much again to all who answered the call!

With the volunteers taking care of extra mailings, I can now focus more on something I've had an eye on for a while — weeding. In any project like this, there will inevitably be a few people who (for one reason or another) neglect to do their share. It really makes me sad to hear about the disappointment of BPS members who, while diligently sending out postcards each month, don't receive a postcard in return — sometimes several postcards. We've lost a few people who've become disillusioned about this, and though the wonderful volunteers are now helping out here, the key to sorting this out is — weeding.

So — do please keep letting me know if by the end of the month you haven't received a postcard. This is the only way I can flag any repeat offenders and learn if there's a problem (and not just an occasional postcard lost in the post). I want to make sure that each BPS member is a happily participating member — this project is, after all, about giving. Let's make sure that we're sharing the love!


(lovely photograph from souvenirs, via we heart it)


elle s'ennuie said...

You will let us know though if the postcard we sent didn't arrive? I -think- so far mine have arrived okay, except no word on my anuary card yet, so I don't know about that. If any of mine go missing, I'll be happy to send another card myself, no need to recruit a volunteer for it :)

Benevolent Postcard Society said...

No worries — if a BPS member emails me to let me know their postcard didn't arrive, then I'll first follow up with the sender to see if and/or when it got sent. It's only if there's a problem on their end (such as the sender doesn't respond to my emails), that I'll arrange for a volunteer to send out another postcard.


Giulia said...

Thanks, Lori. I've only received two postcards since the beginning. It's very disappointing.(I'll live:) but last night I wondered if I've offended people with my POV on the blogs or something & they've decided to boycott me. A little late night (needless) worrying. I was late sending my January card but I have no idea if anyone has received mine, as well.

Have a good weekend.


Naturally Clean said...


Just wanted to say I haven't received confirmation from any of my recipients but taken the view that if Lori hasn't got back to me they've been received and the recipients are v busy. And don't worry - I don't think there's anything sinister in you not receiving posties - just bad luck! I never look up the person I'm sending my posties to anyway as I like not knowing who they are!

Have a lovely weekend!


The Missive Maven said...

First - I haven't received a December or January postcard.

Second - I thought I hadn't received October or November postcards, but Lori's fantastic detective work helped me figure out that people had sent me postcards but not marked them as BPS. Since I get postcards from a big variety of sources (swap-bot, my blog, and more), it's impossible to know the source unless people tell me.

Would it be possible to remind members, with each new address assigned, to designate the BPS postcards as such? I bet that would save some follow-up work for others beyond just myself.

mari said...

Lori, your garden metaphor is brilliant here!

adrienne said...

Still waiting on postcards for October, November, December and January..

Giulia said...

Thank you, Catherine. That makes me feel better. I don't look up people either. I think I should have told Lori sooner. I just kept thinking that all these postal strikes we were hearing about were responsible.

Missive Maven has a good idea. I've marked mine as BPS # 1,2, & so on. I also include a return address sticker, so anyone who hasn't rec'd mine (if that's the case)...I should think I'd receive it back. That's OK. Oh well. Off to choose a card for today.

cheers all