Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BPS Café — October 2009

If you've received an October postcard from a sender who prefers to remain tantalizingly mysterious, you can still say thank you! Members can leave a comment here and let other members know how much they appreciate the postcard they've received.

Note: If you've just received your September postcard and would like to thank the sender, you can still leave a comment in the September BPS Café post!

(photograph via nom nom nom)


giulia said...

Thank you so much to Faye who is studying French in Canada. I really love pansies, winter's warriors, so you're card was spot-on.

Study hard!

bisous & merci bien


Tonya said...

Hi Whitney,
I received a beautiful postcard from Tennessee today, thank you so much!

Joanna Dixon said...

Wow! I received a beautiful postcard from South Africa today. Wow!

I am so excited.

Thanks Dawn! You have inspired me to be much more creative with my postcards!

leah said...

Laura from Texas, thank you for the card and message!

Leah x

Urban Style Vibes said...

What a lovely initiative. I just loooooooooooove original postcards. Unfortunately I'm too late to join. However I will follow you from now on!

Have a lovely Monday!

Lise M.
UrbanStyle Vibes

DAWN said...

Joanna D, So pleased that you received my P/C..It arrived faster than I expected this month..hurray!

Michelle said...

Rebekah V: How in the world did you know I adore Nick Bantock?! Beautiful postcard. Thank you so much!

Sahm in Richmond BC said...

Stephanie in Corona CA

Thanks so much for the pretty and cheerful little postie.

Do visit Canada if get the chance. Biiiiig place mind you, but if you travel up the coast from where you are you'll get very close to where I am!

I followed your directions to your blog and think you are very wise for grasping the true greatness of the wasabi pea :)

Lori said...

Katie in Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg MB:

Thanks so much for the beautiful postcard of trees reflected in water! I loved the poem, too — just wonderful.


lintmag said...

Ciarra from Texas, thank you for the cool giant artwork postcard! I really like the collage of shapes and pattern - it's on display on my groovy old boombox now. Hope you have a good month!

The Missive Maven said...

Alas, I have still not received my October postcard, but I will keep hoping.

Sahm in Richmond BC said...

What a surprise! In September, I sent a postcard to Johanneke in Holland and in October, she sent one back to me! It's VERY cute and beautifully done. Blueberries for everyone!

I feel so lucky to get an extra treat!

marianne said...

Camilla from California, Thank you for the post card from Italy and the song lyrics from "Postcards from Italy." So clever! I have it by my computer and notice something new each time I look at it. All the best, Marianne from Cape Cod

Danielle said...

Thank you Jennifer from Maine for your hilarious vintage postcard- gave me the giggles and totally made my day :)
All the best from Danielle in Toronto

Melanie said...

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a San Diego Zoo postcard. Ironically, I used to live in San Diego. It brought back some great memories.

Thanks, to the anonymous sender!

katrina and the king said...

Great big thanks to Cindi...or maybe Andi from Canada for her postcard speaking about Geese! It was the first one I have received so far! I tried to use the e-mail you included, but it said it wasn't working anymore!

Donna said...

Thank you so much Helene for the lovely couture ballerina bearing bouquets and kittens, as well as your adorable winking snail! How are you enjoying your autumn in one of the most lovely (and my favorite) cities on the planet?

Thanks for the big warm smile you gave me!
Best Wishes,
Donna from California

Linda said...

Alicia, thank you so much for your beautiful hand-painted postcard. I'd love to see the buildings you painted - such lovely colours.
Hope you had a fantastic October! Best wishes to you.
Linda from sunny Brisbane.

Rhianne said...

Thank you Janna from Canada for my October post card - it was the first one I received and I was beyond excited when it turned up!

rachael said...

thank you for diana from salt lake city! the photograph on the postcard you sent is lovely!!
be well...rachael in pennsylvania.

thisgirlandthatguy said...

I'm loving my October postcard from the UK!

Fräulein F. said...

Hi Laura (from Oregon ?)

Thanks so much for the proust quote(.. the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom... so great) & the lovely van Gogh Postcarde!

Michelle said...

To Kneale in Houston: Lovely, lovely, lovely Ruby Slippers! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Thank you for the sweet postcard.

shlomit said...

Hi Lelia in Brooklyn,

Tnx for the extra postcard!! The 1st one came in one piece, and it was great! tnx again for sending another one - it seems you are a very thoghtful and creative person.
Now we all can start dancing :)

Mari said...

Hi Deesa in Cincinnati

, Just in case you might still check the October cafe comments, I wanted to thank you for your cheerful collage of sweets. Forgive me for the delay--October was kind of crazy! Your postcard was a definite bright spot. I just wrote about it here:

My mom used to make homemade lollipops using a recipe like yours!

Warm regards, Mari

forgotten feline said...

Linda in Quebec!
I didnt get a postcard last month- and this month you sent me two lovely cards! Thank you so much! They are lovely! Youve more than made up for a dry postcard month!

Shannon in London

AlexAlice said...

Olga in St Petersburg, thank you so much for my really special postcard! It's so beautifully made! Guess what...The colour of my eyes are green! x Alexandra in Johannesburg

melanie said...

thank you Carina in Portland for my October card! (I thought I'd posted these thankyous before now!)

Jennifer said...

Thank you to Sarah in North Queensland for the wonderful Feb. fabric postcard! Very creative.....
Jennifer in Alberta!