Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Hearts Wanted

Are you extra generous? Do you love to help out and make someone happy? I'm looking for BPS members who would be willing to be on call to send an extra postcard or two occasionally when the postal service fails to deliver — or to cover when the occasional glitch happens (such as when someone leaves the BPS but doesn't tell us until a month or so later). If you're interested, email me and let me know. Thanks so much — I know that somebody will heart you for it!


(lovely photo by Kristi on Beauty in Everything)


Julie Simoës said...

you know you can rely on me!

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

Count me in!

Benevolent Postcard Society said...

Thanks so so much, you guys — the response so far has been amazing! I love the BPS peeps!!!


Hane said...

Count on me too.
Actually I don't know if my postcard mates have received my mails because Brazilian mail service is so good.
This way many times I've sent two and once even three postcards to the same pal friend.

Micaela said...

I WOULD LOVE TO!!!! love to Lori.

Emailing you now...


Benevolent Postcard Society said...

You guys truly are the best!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful response — so happy to see everyone sharing the love!

Happy weekend, all!

BeverlyDiane said...

I would love to help out also.

Just let me know name and address when needed. Thanks, Dianne

Benevolent Postcard Society said...

Thanks so much, BeverlyDiane!!!


Katie said...

Do you still need more volunteers?

benevolent Postcard Society said...

Sure, Katie! Email me to confirm!


Zorra Productions said...

I would love to. Just email me if with extra addresses if you are interested

Benevolent Postcard Society said...

Thanks so much, Daniela!!!


lauren said...

Just drop me a line if someone needs a card. I'd love to help!


Anonymous said...

i'm in, too! i'll email you right now...heather roberts, slc, ut, usa