Friday, September 18, 2009

BPS Café — September 2009

If you've received a postcard from a sender who prefers to remain tantalizingly mysterious, you can still say thank you! Each month I'll have a post here called the BPS Café, where members can leave a comment and let another member know how much they appreciate the postcard they've received.

(photograph via nom nom nom)


Teri said...

Gosh Lori... do you ever sleep???

Lori said...

Ha ha! Yes I do, Teri — no worries!


Mari said...

Hi Alexandra,

Your cool postcard arrived on Thursday, and I love it. I wrote about it here:

Thank you!

Warm regards,

Kelly said...

Still no postcard and it's almost October! hmmm....


Lori said...

Hi Kelly,

Your postcard has an ocean voyage and then a cross country trip to make — give it until the end of the week. If it still doesn't show by then, please let me know.

Hedy said...

Hi Shannon,
Your postcard brought a smile to my face when I saw it in the mail yesterday. Thank you very much!
Best Regards,

maryp said...

Hi Tonya!

Got your postcard almost 2 weeks ago now! Such a bright spot in my day :o)


Anonymous said...

dear janet, i loved your rad postcard!
Thank you!!

ps. i LOVE chocolate!!

leah said...


I was so pleased to recieve your lovely card yesterday!

I will blow london a big kiss from you today.

Leah x

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie in BC, Canada,

Hope your lucky white alligator enjoyed good fortune himself on his travels to reach you, and that he is bringing you prosperity as well as a smile over the oddities of nature.

Best wishes,
Jana in California, USA

Sahm said...

Thank you Connecticut Cait!

Your buttony, bespeckled, Madonna-shine fruit-with-song-bird card arrived safe and sound and made me very happy.

A seriously cool card, indeed. :)

Sahm in Richmond

AlexAlice said...

Hey Hakako from LA. Thanks for my postcard. I have a very desperate desire to go to Japan, so your postcard was very appropriate!

thisgirlandthatguy said...

Holden's Mom from Winnipeg,

Thanks SO much for your postcard! I LOVED it. You are so creative and have inspired me for next month!

Michelle said...

Mona from Vancouver: I cannot stop cracking up from the Pink Mustaches with Fleas. Thank you for sending such a fun card. Wishing you well,
Michelle from FL

DAWN said...

Lauren...I`m SOOOOO pleased that you received my P/C...Even though I have not received anything myself from whomever for whatever reason..reading your post on Flikr made me Soooo happy.
Its a double edged thing this sending and the receiving thing ..equally beneficial!!
X Dawn From The Green Kalahari. South Africa

secret society member said...

thanks, Larry, for your card from Ottawa - I would definitely wear plaid pants like the girl in the photo, though I'm easily more than twice her age!

lauren said...


Goodness, do I love your postcard. If we didn't have to send them back to Ms. Lori at the end of this great big art project, I'd already have it framed.

Be patient about your card... I was beginning to think that mine was NEVER coming when it showed up that one lovely day.


Beth said...

Thanks a million to Siobhan for my Hen Harrier postcard from Ireland! I love, love, love it! I tried to email you as soon as the card arrived, but my message did not go through. I must be misreading the email address you wrote on the card. If you'd like to contact me with your email address, you can do so through my blog:

Thanks again!

fo-ax said...

kerry from austin, tx
i loved your postcard! hope your travels in alaska are going well.. i received your note after returning home from a trip to british columbia doing many of the same activities..
though i'll admit i've never heard of a ptarmigan ...
looks like we're all learning something through this project!!
happy trails ...

Micaela said...

Polly in the UK- i so hope you got mine safely. If you did, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it for *you*

xo Micaela in Texas

DAWN said...

Thank you Susan Kennedy from Michigan,such a lovely post card..your fabulous description of approaching Fall brought back memories of Autumn in my true home in England.The last time I was this excited about post was when I was 12 years old..pre bills and resposibilities and all that!..VERY MANY THANKS

Sabine said...

Hello Meghan,
Thank you for the corn cobs :) They put such a smile on my face! I loved them.
Sabine xx

Fiona said...

Hi Jasmin!
Thanks so much for the cheery postcard! I have a cousin in San Francisco and been meaning to get out that way for a visit. Your postcard just makes me want to go even more, AND especially check out Fisherman's Wharf!


Kelly said...

katie in loughborough, england

thank you for my postcard! i hope you enjoyed your break from university. :)


rachael said...

katie in winnipeg, canada!

thank you for the lovely postcard...and for sharing your favorite quote with me :)

Ayse said...

Hello Cat,
I just got back from a very long Europe trip and if you are still waiting for your postcard please let me know.
I loved your handmade card, it is very cute, thanks a lot!!

♥Simply Seductive said...

Hi Katy from Tyler, Texas... received your cool map of Texas postcard on October 1! Peace and love back to ya! So pleased to receive it. Will post a photograph of the postcard on the BPS flickr site very soon.

All the very best,

Linda from Gatineau, Québec, Canada.

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

Katie Greenaway!

I finally felt well enough to get my printer cartridges (thanks to my sister!) and get a postcard printed out and ready for the mail. A friend will mail it tomorrow.

It will be WINGING it's way (as fast as Canada Post "wings" these days) to you then!

Thanks for your patience and I hope you understand. I still look like an extra from "Shawn of the Dead" but feel ever so much better.


Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

And thanks, Lori!

Teri said...

I am very sad :(

I sent my PostCard to Carrie in London one month ago and still have not heard if she has received it or not. I am worried... It would be nice to know one way or the other if it has been received or not. I may post what it looked like on my blog this afternoon. Thank you...

marianne said...

Still no September post card for Marianne in Hyannis but I'm hoping October will arrive soon!

kerikidswriter said...

Clare of the Genius Badges:

You *must* be the same Clare to whom I sent a postcard 10/1. My fingers are crossed as I was in a hotel in Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi and put it in their "out" box.

Thanks for the badges.

Keri in MS

Maisie100 said...

Many thanks to Charmagne in San Francisco and Marie in Brasilia for the lovely postcards! Thanks to these kind ladies, my bulletin board at work looks smashing!
all the best,
Houston Texas

Maisie100 said...

Hi Hane, oops I misread your name as Marie by mistake! Love the postcard, will let you know as soon as the second one arrives.
very best,

Teri said...

If Carrie in London reads this... and you still don't have your card, I posted a copy of what your postcard (sort of) looked like on my blog at

Risa said...

Kimmie from Los Angeles!!

Thank you for the postcard of Mickey and Minnie, it was very cute!! And in case you were wondering, everyone in Winnipeg loves cupcakes too. :)

Lori said...

Hi Teri! Carrie just emailed me — your postcard arrived today!!! She figures that the postal strikes currently going on in London were responsible for the long delay — but she's utterly thrilled to finally have it!


Melanie said...

Hi- just wanted to give a belated Thank You to Sabrina in Ottawa for my super cool holographic bonanza postcard. I love holograms!

I will try to scan or photograph it for the flickr group, although I'm not sure if it will translate well.

Wondering if Rhianne in Leeds got my September card? Or if Erin in Brooklyn got the October card?

Fernanda said...

Hi Lori. Thank you for the lovely Carl Larsson postcard. I love it. Evening meals at our house are slightly more chaotic but we are definitely a happy bunch!

The flower arrangements on the table reminded me of my house growing up. My Mom always has fresh flowers around the house.

Thanks for bringing an extra smile to my day.

Fiona said...

Sarah in Seattle,

Did you get my postcard? I am worried that it didn't arrive and hope it made it safely to you....I'll email the photo I took of it to Lori to send you if it hasn't made the trip.


Leila said...

Hello to South Africa and Ireland! I was out of town but had no less than TWO BPS postcards in my held mail upon my return (Sept and Oct). The one from South Africa (Sept's) was not signed but I wanted to leave a note here to say thanks and that I loved the funny drawing on the front! Thanks!

Teri said...

Thank you Lori! Carrie did visit me on my blog to let me know! I do hope everyone else gets theirs too! The strike was a little unexpected snafu in this lovely plan!

Anonymous said...

Casey in Winnipeg,

If only bears with enormous cupcakes really *could* visit Winnipeg winter might be more fun! Your postcard arrived yesterday -- thanks for sending it!

Keri in MS

melanie said...

thank you Ona in Pipersville! I thought I'd posted my thank yous earlier. sorry. :)