Friday, April 30, 2010

No May Mailing!

The warm weather is finally here, and with the change in season comes a change for many of our BPS members — a new home! Recently we've received a lot of change of address emails, which isn't surprising as many BPS members are students — the end of term means many members are busily moving right now. With this in mind, we've decided to take a little mailing break in May while everyone gets settled in. So, there'll be no BPS postcard mailing in May.

This pause in mailing is also an opportunity for us to update the database and confirm that everyone currently listed on there is still an active member. So, in a day or two you'll be receiving an email about our May break, with a request — if you plan to continue participating in the BPS, we'll ask that you respond to the email by May 15 to confirm you'll still be a BPS member when we resume in June. We want everyone to be a happily participating member — and rest assured that if you do decide to withdraw, you'll still be a valued member for the time you were with us. Thanks!

Have a wonderful spring — and thanks so much as always for your fantastic postcards, your enthusiasm and your support. There would be no BPS without you!


(photo by Jackie Rueda)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello ...

A quick note to say hello — and let you know that it's been really busy for me over the last couple of weeks or so, which means I haven't been able to look at BPS emails and update the blog. My apologies if you've emailed me recently — I'm not ignoring you, I've just been a bit overwhelmed with work lately! Things are beginning to settle down again, though, so I'll be catching up with everyone soon. Thanks as always for your patience — you guys are the best.


(great photograph by Donna Griffith)

BPS Café — April 2010

If you've received an April postcard from a sender who prefers to remain tantalizingly mysterious, you can still say thank you! Members can leave a comment here to let other members know how much they appreciate the postcard they've received.

Note: If you've just received your March postcard and would like to thank the sender, you can still leave a comment in the March BPS Café post! For earlier postcards that have finally arrived, please check out the quick links to the appropriate BPS Café in the Related Links section on the right.

(photograph via nom nom nom)