Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BPS Café — August 2010

If you've received an August postcard from a sender who prefers to remain tantalizingly mysterious, you can still say thank you! Members can leave a comment here to let other members know how much they appreciate the postcard they've received.

Note: If you've just received your July postcard and would like to thank the sender, you can still leave a comment in the July BPS Café post! For earlier postcards that have finally arrived, please check out the quick links to the appropriate BPS Café in the Related Links section on the right.

(photograph via nom nom nom)


Benevolent Postcard Society said...

Gamze — thank you so much for the gorgeous Chinese folk art card! I love the fact that you bought it in Hong Kong, brought it home to Istanbul and then mailed it off to Canada — as you say, it's traveled more than most people! It's now on my desk where I can admire it even more.

Thanks again and happy summer!

Donna said...

Hi Sara from Salt Lake City - I got in late last night from a 12 hour car drive across the desert and received my adorable Schimpanse Napoleon - too too cute and a welcome refresher for weary eyes.
I shall prop him next to my computer so I can chuckle as I work. Thanks for the giggles!
Have a wonderful rest of your summer there in beautiful Utah!
Warm Wishes, Donna

AlexAlice said...

Penny from Melbourne, thanks so much for my sparkly postcard! Little did you realise how appropriate it was because I celebrated my birthday this month!

Jules said...

Hi Dana from Bahrain,
Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard of Convallaria Majalis (!) and now you come to mention it - I can also see fairies wearing these as hats, maybe a little like Victorian Ladies night caps !
Record delivery speed - arrived here in 18th August (postmarked 15th)
Julia from Macclesfield

Josh Healy said...

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Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

Just received my August card from Rachael! Thanks!

And just received BACK my June card to Heather in Salt Lake City... The Post Office sticker says "No Forwarding Order" and another says "Undeliverable"... Sorry Heather. If you send me your new address, I can try again!