Thursday, June 3, 2010

BPS Café — June 2010

If you've received a June postcard from a sender who prefers to remain tantalizingly mysterious, you can still say thank you! Members can leave a comment here to let other members know how much they appreciate the postcard they've received.

Note: If you've just received your April postcard and would like to thank the sender, you can still leave a comment in the April BPS Café post! For earlier postcards that have finally arrived, please check out the quick links to the appropriate BPS Café in the Related Links section on the right.

(photograph via nom nom nom)


Donna said...

Hey Julia from the U.K. -
Ging Gang Goo to you too!
Thanks so much for groovy tents - I have to really concentrate hard though to figure out your Semaphore here - not a language I am fluent in, but I will get it yet - I love a good challenge!
Hope you're enjoying a fabulous beginning to your summer!
Warm Wishes,
Donna From California

Jules said...

Ah Donna from California!
You have absolutely Made My Day by posting to say you have got my postcard. Hooray for the postal service!
Have fun with the semaphore and a Happy Summer to you too!
Best wishes

Benevolent Postcard Society said...

Thanks so much for the super cute postcard, Rachael — and a belated happy birthday, too! You're the best. Sending you an email now ...


Fine Bessot said...

Mon nom est Fine Bessot, je vis en France et je découvre votre idée géniale d'échanger des cartes postales. Je suppose qu'il est beaucoup trop tard pour participer, mais je vais suivre votre itinéraire.
Bravo! Félicitations! Amitiés.

Electronic translation :
My name is Fine Bessot, I lived in France and I discover your brilliant idea to exchange postcards. I suppose that it is far too late to participate, but I am going to follow your route.
Bravo! Congratulations! Kind regards.
Fine Bessot

Benevolent Postcard Society said...

Bonjour Fine! Thank you so much for your lovely comment — so sweet! Happy visiting!