Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gathering Up

A quick note to let you know that I'm still slowly following up on the missing postcards reported by BPS members — my apologies for taking so long with this, but there's been a lot of email about it! A lot of the January postcards seem to have gone astray this time around, most likely due to the holidays — but as a few reported missing are now showing up in February, I've been holding off on following up on those ones until now to give them a chance to arrive. But I will follow up — don't worry! I'm still gathering and sorting — and thanks as always for your patience.

(lovely photo by elly yap via pretty serendipities II)

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The Missive Maven said...

Thanks for following up, Lori.

Again, unless people did not mark them as BPS and they seemed to come from elsewhere, I haven't received anything for January or February.

Could there maybe be a reminder on the March mailing to note the postcards are for the BPS project? I know I always mark mine but clearly not everyone does.