Friday, February 5, 2010

Follow Ups

A quick note to say thank you for all your emails about not receiving postcards for various months — I'll be busy following up on these over the next few days and will respond to each of you individually when I find out where they are (or aren't, as the case may be). Hopefully through this process I'll be able to sort through and remove the non-senders, so we can be sure that the BPS is a collection of happily committed members!


(lovely photo by Cori Kindred, via Beauty in Everything)


The Missive Maven said...

Lori, thanks for all your hard work.

Can we please, please, pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top, possibly remind people - in the boilerplate text when the addresses are sent - to mark their cards as Benevolent Postcard Society? It's three words that can save a lot of research work for those of us that get many postcards from multiple sources.

Anonymous said...

please remember that i'd love to send more, if needed...heather roberts, slc, ut, usa.

Hane said...

Hi Lori,
for the first time I did not receive my monthly postcard. I'm still waiting.
And another thing, could you add my blog to the member's blogs?
It is not as special as yours but it is kinda cute :)