Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where's My Postcard?

I've been getting email that BPS members are beginning to receive their postcards! If you haven't found yours in the mail yet, please be patient for at least another week or so — some postcards have to cross entire continents and/or oceans to get to their destination, and that destination may very well be you! But if nothing has arrived by September 25, do feel free to email me — I'll be happy to look into it for you.

(photograph from moodboard, via Linda of Simply Seductive. Thanks, Linda!)


Teri said...

Adorable photo! And appropriate!

The Missive Maven said...

Oh shoot, are we supposed to email you when we've received our postcards?

Lori said...

No, no need to email me when you get your postcards — unless you'd like to! But I'll be setting up the Flickr page soon for sharing photos of our postcards in their new homes (see my post The Well Traveled Postcard below), so get your cameras ready if you'd like to participate!