Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Update

I'm battling an icky flu bug at the moment, so my apologies if I'm slow responding to your emails for the next day or so. Rest assured that we're still on track for sending out the October mailing addresses to everyone by Wednesday night!

I've also received a few emails from BPS members concerned about not yet receiving their postcards. There are several factors responsible for this:

1. Location. Depending on the distance your postcard has to travel for the September mailing (and some have quite a ways to go), your postcard may still be in transit. In this situation, it's quite possible that your October postcard will arrive before your September one!

2. Postal Strike. There are at least two postal strikes that I know of on at the moment, which will definitely slow things down, if not bring things to a complete halt for a time.

3. Members. For various reasons (out of town, urgent family business) some members weren't able to send their postcards out until a week or two after the mail date. Life happens and will continue to do so!

I wish I had control over the mail system, but alas — it's as unpredictable as the weather. I myself am taking the long term view, hoping to receive most of my postcards but not expecting to get one absolutely every month. That said, I've received postcards from family and friends on holiday months after they've returned home, so you never know!

Thanks so much as always for your wonderful support and for your patience — I really appreciate it.

(beautiful photograph by smallfish on flickr, via we heart it)


Hedy said...

Hi Lori,
I hope you will feel better soon.Thank you for all your hard work!
Best wishes,

Belen said...

Heya - So I haven't gotten my card, but honestly I don't mind. If it arrives late, or doesn't arrive at all, it's cool. I'll wait for the next. :)

Belen ♥

DAWN said...

Hi sorry that you have been "struck down"...fingers crossed you will surface from the depths of the flue bug soon...only worry if you feel the urge to start rootling around in the garden for nuts and roots or truffles for that matter
[Please forgive me..I couldnt resist! I really hope that you DO feel better soon.]
Thanks for showing my P/C in the gallery.
I was SO excited when I saw that Lauren had received it..AND... I have just received a call from the little lady in our local shop/Post office to tell me that she has something I`ve been pestering her about for days!!!! Could it be??? I now have to jump in the car and drive 25 kilometers as we dont have postmen here in the desert.You wont see me for dust!

Lori said...

Thanks so much, all — you're awesome! And thanks for the laugh, Dawn! Hope it's a postcard waiting for you, too!


DAWN said...

...IT WAS my postcard..and has made me very happy indeed.I will be busy in the vines/quiver trees tomorrow taking a photo in situ. XD

Angie Muresan said...

Truly wish you feel better soon.

Lori said...

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, Angie! And yay for Dawn getting her postcard, too!


katrina and the king said...

I just got over the flu myself! get better! :( I'd love to hear more about these postal strikes (!) My husband was just informing me about how the postal service started (he saw a special on PBS) and I'm hoping to have a post about it soon :)