Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's New

A quick update on the progress of the first BPS mailing! Right now we're busily putting together an app that will take care of managing the 250+ member addresses and emails, so that the random member selection and the emailed notification process each month can be an automated and smoothly running process. The addresses for our first mailing on September 1 are scheduled to go out this weekend — but if there's a hitch I'll post a note here to let you all know what's going on.

Thanks so much to my fab brother Greg for his hard work on this, and thanks to you all for your patience — rest assured that I'm as eager as you are to get started, too!


(lovely photograph by letteria on flickr, via weheartit)


Micaela said...

thank you Greg!!!!

so excited. xo

Teri said...

XO for Greg and Lori!!!

Rene said...

Thanks Lori and Greg!

Polly R said...

Thank you both!
I am so excited :) :) :)

giulia said...

Yes, thank you to both Lori & Greg.

Off to postcard hunt this afternoon & tomorrow!

Good weekend to all...


ABCDErica said...

How exciting! This will definitely put a boost on postcard sales which means we'd be stimulating the economy as well as stimulating smiles and creating connections with the outside world. I love it!

littleghostgirl said...

I am so excited for this! I have been collecting postcards like crazy! :D Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity!