Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Globe and Mail Illustration

Hello all! I thought BPS members might be interested in an illustration I did for the Globe and Mail newspaper today, accompanying a Facts and Arguments piece by Paige Raymond Kovach about her great aunt's long tradition of letter writing to family members — and how it's created happy memories that continue to this day. Read the article here.

(illustration by me)


Susan said...

Congratulations, Lori. Thanks for the post link.

Off to read it now.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I have a huge collection of postcards and ephemera that I used for my baby designs. NOw I just keep them because I love the sentiment. The language especially is so wonderful! Do you ever go to the antique paper shows? I live in California so I only know about the ones here, but if you haven't you should go!!!!! Pack lunch because you won't want to leave.
Karen Eileen

benevolent postcard society said...

Thanks so much, Susan!! And no, I haven't checked out the antique paper shows, Karen Eileen — I'd love to, but I'm a bit afraid to do so, as I think I'd run amok!