Monday, March 14, 2011

What's New

Sorry for the long pause between posts — it's been busy! But now that the final deadline for postcard mailing has come and gone, I can really get started on the BPS book. Presently it's a lot of organizing, but I'm looking forward to putting it all together and seeing it turn into a real live book.

And I'll try to post here a little more regularly, too!


(lovely photo by Roland Bello)


rebecca said...

,,,how i wish i could have participated in your project, if only i had discovered the "bp society" sooner,,any chance of another project one day soon?,,,happy day!,,,

benevolent postcard society said...

Hi Rebecca! I'm not planning on doing another project soon as putting together the BPS book is taking up what little free time I do have! But do visit us here often!!


Beth said...

Looking forward to seeing the book, Lori! Thanks again for all of your efforts. It was wonderful to be a part of BPS.

benevolent postcard society said...

Thanks so much Beth — lovely and kind of you and so appreciated!