Tuesday, March 2, 2010


How perfect is this for spring? The Postcarden by Aimée of A Studio for Design is an ingenious pop-up post card that becomes a mini-garden, adding a little note of fresh and living greenery to your environment. Currently available in three designs — botanical, city, and allotment — each Postcarden comes with a packet of cress seeds. You simply add water for two weeks of goodness (the cress is edible — add a little to your sandwich or salad on the spot). Right now it's only available within the EU, but Aimée plans to expand distribution to the U.S. and other areas soon. Via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Thanks so much to lovely BPS member Daniella for the link!


Giulia said...

Well, that is seriously cute. I'm glad my bank account is spoken for already this month:)

Daniella said...

No problem! I just thought it was too cool not to share! :)

Amanda said...

This is SO freggin cool - I didn't realize Lori had already posted about the Postcarden and just ran across it myself this morning and sent the link to her! Good find Daniella :)

margo said...

Just found this blog courtesy of craftzine, where this postcarden idea was featured today. This is a charming idea. I wonder if it could be adapted to grow fresh herbs as well? Wouldn't the smell and taste of fresh mint be nice?

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Postcarden is now at Brooklyn5and10.com, if you are looking for it in the US.