Saturday, November 28, 2009

December Mailing

The December mailing addresses were sent out last night, a little early to give everyone time to do something a bit special for this holiday month. If you haven't received your address by Monday, November 30 (not forgetting to check your spam folder first!), please let me know right away.

P.S. Because of the problems we had with the November mailing, some of the postcards for that month will be late arriving to their destinations — mostly because a few members didn't get their addresses for mailing until mid-month. Please note — because we are unable to track which addresses were received by you and which weren't, it's really important that you let us know as soon as possible if you didn't get your address! Just remember that we always mail out the addresses a couple of days or so before the first of the month, so if it's not there by the first, then do follow up.

Thanks as always and happy mailing!

(photograph by ole:) on flickr, via we heart it)

1 comment:

sarah warda said...

are we supposed to report when we don't receive postcards from previous months? meaning october.