Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Language of Stamps

You have to see this lovely and wonderfully illustrated post on the blog Poemas del río Wang on the now-vanished delicate art of stamp placement. Depending on how you placed a stamp on an envelope, it told an informed recipient you sent a kiss, you were thinking of them — or (sadly) that you were not free. Fascinating — and something it would be charming to revive for Valentine's Day, I think.

(untitled painting by Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta {1841-1920} via poemas del río wang)


Compliance Posters said...

I guess the it depends upon the stamps and also the feelings you will notice because every stamps have a different purposes.

Anonymous said...

Husband is a stamp collector and I accompany him several times a year to nearby Stamp Shows, purchasing face-value postage. I love matching the stamps I choose to the messages I send. Annual "Love" stamps on love letters, historical stamps to history buffs, etc.

And the new International rate stamp pictures Lancaster County farmland, which will be PERFECT to use on my Lancaster County postcards that I send overseas through my participation with Postcrossing! ;D